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 Introduction of Wuhu
 Introduction of University
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 The Anhui normal university all specialized all faces the various countries' foreign student to incur.
(一)Undergraduate period of study-4 years
Chinese language and LiteratureChinese
MusicMusic and performance
PaintingAnimation Politics and administrationLaw
EducationKindergarten studies Public facilities and managementLand and natural resources
Mathematics and applied mathematicsPhysics ChemistryApplied chemistry
Environmental scienceGeographical science Teaching Chinese as a second languageAdverstising
Composition and technology theoryFine arts English Russian
Social workHistory Labour and natural resources managementFinancial affairs management
Education and technologyCommunity training Electronic Information engineeringComputer science and technology
Material chemistryBio technology Geography and information systemPhotography
NewsArt and design JapaneseIdeology and politics education
EconomicsTourism management Physical educationSports training
Communication engineeringEcology Biochemistry Psycology
 1. Students who wants to do a refresher course are also free to choose from the majors mentioned above.
 2. All the classes are taught in chinese.Students with no Chinese foundation can come to the university and study Chinese for one semester or one year.
(二) Post graduateperiod of study-3years

Curriculum and education theoryArts and Literature Development education psychologyModern Chinese contemporary literature
SociologyPhysical education and training World historyChinese classicals and literature
Atom and molecule physicsMusic District economicsAncient Chinese history
Tourism managementProbability and statistics Environmental scienceInorganic chemistry
Foreign philosophyZoology Education principleCell organisms
Chinese language and scriptMax doctrine and philosophy Special historyCurriculum and education theory
Basic mathematicsHuman arts and geography Natural geographyThe doctrine and philosophy of Marxism
BotanyHistory of the Chinese communist Applied mathematicsPhysical sociology
Map and geography information systemsOptics Education technology Social geography
Aesthetics Ancient Chinese and Literature
Fine arts Modern Chinese history
Chemistry analysation Ecology

(三)Doctorate period of study-3 years

Ancient Chinese and literature Ecology
Ancient Chinese history The basic principles of Marxism
Ideology and politics education Social geography
Organic chemistry ?

(四)Short term students period of study-from 6 months up to 2 years
Short term students or students who wants to do a refresher course can choose from   the majors offered to undergraduate students.
(五) Language refresher studentsperiod of study-from 6 months to 2 years
The college of international education have opened different levels of Chinese  classes:Elementary,Intermediate and senior classes.Classes start at the beginning of  September and end of February of every year.Students are welcome at all times.classes  both small and big are taught by experienced teachers and professors.
(六) Clinical and Medicine Majorsperiod of study-5 years(undergraduate)
Anhui Normal University has a very intimate relation with the Anhui Medical  university.Students who apply to study this program must first come and study Chinese  in anhui normal university for one year,sit and pass the HSK then will be recommended  by anhui normal university to change to Anhui medical university and study his or her  major there.

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