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Application steps

*Pose application: -Fill in the admission application form from Anhui normal university.You can use the following methods to submit your application form.Post,Fax or email.
*Enrollment: -When your application is approved we will send you the acceptance letter and the visa application form(JW202 form).Please promptly go to the Chinese embassy in your country and get a student visa(X visa .period of time to study is more than 180 days)or ask about the F visa(period of study is within 180 days).

*Registration: -Applicants should be in school and register before the deadline for registration which was shown in the letter of acceptance.The college of international education will help you go through the formalities.

*Assigning classes: -After registering, new students will be given an exam and from the result of that exam they will be put into appropriate classes.Within the first week of classes ,students can be in different classes to listen and see and decide which class suits them.

*Resident permit: -Within 1 month,the university will help students with L or X visa get a resident permit.For those who already have a resident permit will go straight to the college of international education and go through the formalities.

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